Cleanse” Why You Should Always Use A Facial Cleanser-But Only Once A Day”

No It Is Not OK To Use Your Body Wash On Your Face. A Good Quality Gentle Facial Cleanser Is ESSENTIAL In Promoting And Maintaining A Healthy Complexion. So Here Are A Few Tips.

Do Not Cleanse In The Morning!

Cleansing once per day is sufficient, except if your skin is acneic/oily or after exercise/sweating (sweat can be drying) In the morning, simply go straight for your serums and sunscreen.

Always Cleanse At Night! Why??

The nightly cleanse is VITAL! Always cleanse skin before going to bed to remove your sunscreen- it can block the benefits of your your expensive nightly serums & cremes. The nightly cleanse removes make up, dirt, pollutants, dead cells, sweat and excess sebum from the skin as well, reducing the possibility of blemishes and skin irritation. This also prepares the skin for adequate absorption of the following powerful skin rejuvenating treatment products, like serum and night cream. Only ever use luke-warm water, hot water will dissolve your precious surface lipids.

So How Do I Know Which Cleanser Is Right For Me??

The right cleanser will replenish your skin lipid barrier. Your cleanser should cleanse the skin effectively without causing irritation. Do not aim for “the squeaky clean feel”, that means the skin has been damaged! If you have a bubbly, foaming cleanser, it is causing damage. Your cleanser should be slightly creamy which is better for your skin. It should remove all traces of make up and grease, be PH balanced, be easy to remove from the skin and feel pleasant to use. Also, choose products that are not sensitizing by staying away from ingredients like mineral oil, alcohol and lanolin. Your cleanser should leave your skin feeling clean and soft, not irritated or stripped!

Here’s Our Favorite Facial Cleanser…

Vita Cleansing Complex for ALL SKIN TYPES

Restore a vibrant complexion to all skin types with this soap free, ultra mild daily cleanser. Infused with soothing botanical extracts and nourishing plant oils – dry or normal skin will feel immediately smoother and hydrated. Natural milk nutrients bathe and hydrate skin gently while cleansing away surface residue. Excellent for those who desire gentle daily cleansing or for use following laser and other aggressive procedures.

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Do We Need To Use An Eye Make Up Remover?

It is not really necessary, as our cleanser is gentle enough to use around the eye area. Just double cleanse to completely remove eye make up. Eye tissue is a lot finer than the skin on the rest of your face. It readily puffs if aggravated by oil-based cleansing products and becomes very dry if harsh cleansing products are used. If you prefer to use a special Eye Make Up Remover, we have a favorite that will cleanse the eyelid and lashes gently emulsifying the make up. It also conditions the delicate skin around the eye.

Our Favorite Eye Makeup Remover

Alcohol- Free Makeup Remover for ALL SKIN TYPES

This light, oil and alcohol free solution gently dissolves water resistant mascara easily and quickly. PH balanced and fragrance free, this mild formula sweeps away impurities without pulling or tugging delicate eye tissue or leaving sticky or oily residue.

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Doctors Orders

PS. Doctors know beauty better. Did you know that facial skin is not attached to bone, so is easily displaced! Pulling at your face will encourage sagging! Use your fingertips and don’t scrub your face dry with a towel. 

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