Clinical Medical Grade Skin Care“Ask EB Cosmedicals”…Why Are Medical Grade Skin Care Products From My Skin Specialist Expensive?

Anyone who has visited a cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist or professional skin specialists’ office seeking to improve the appearance of their skin  would have received not only a thorough consultation but also a recommendation or prescription to use Medical Grade Skincare products. The price of the products may be surprising to some but are they really?.

Why are Medical Grade Skincare products more expensive than what’s available at the supermarket, department store or network marketing consultant?

It’s an important question to ask, and if you are serious about tackling issues such as Rosacea, dark spots or acne, as well, wrinkles, loss of firmness and volume and the extensive list of problems caused by photo damage then you will discover why products recommended to you by your skin specialist are value for money.


  • Medical Grade Skincare products (cosmedicals) are the newest and most sophisticated generation of skincare. They contain greater percentages of performance or active agents that have been clinically proven to correct not only past and present concerns, but have the ability to provide prevention for the future.
  • If you are investing in cosmetic procedures, it is even more important to protect that investment by using Medical Grade Skincare to enhance the longevity of the result the skin doctor has provided.
  • Over-the-counter skincare does not contain high percentages as they are dispensed by unqualified consultants or chosen by the customers themselves.
  • They do not work as well, and therefore, repeated purchases may end up costing more than well-formulated Medical Grade Skincare products.
  • Check packaging quantities as well- I have found many skincare companies are reducing the amount of product inside. Check the price per ml.

Clinical-study-engagement-is-just-one-cost-in-the-development-of-good-skin-care-productsClinical Results

  • The biggest dislike of skin doctors/specialists in general, is unscientific; “miraculous” approaches to beauty.
  • The best skin specialist dispensed skin care is clinically tested for positive results, so you can be confident that the product is backed by real results.
  • Before and after photos and disclosed clinical test results should give you an idea of typical results.
  • Clinical studies are just one cost in the development of good skin care products, you are also paying for a qualified professional to prescribe your products.
  • Professional ethical clinics provide an advanced photographic skin analysis for each patient to measure their treatment and record product successes.

Doctors-and-skin-specialists-guide-patients-during-the-treatment-course.In-Depth Product Training/Education

  • Because the Medical Grade Skincare products are part of a skin doctor/specialist’s recommended treatment plan…training and instructional materials, are provided by the manufacturer, similar to materials needed for topical pharmaceutical products.
  • Some professional skin care products may cause side effects in some patients; proper and continued education by the skin doctor/specialist is critical for patients’ success
  • Doctors and skin specialists who recommend specific products will guide patients during their continued use to address any questions or concerns that may arise during the treatment course.

The old adage often holds true: you get what you pay for.

Medical Grade Skincare products (cosmedicals) are the newest and most sophisticated generation of skincare prescribed by professionally educated skin experts. They contain greater percentages of performance or active agents that have been clinically proven to correct not only past and present concerns, but have the ability to provide prevention for the future. Now that’s an investment in your future skin health…that’s value for money.

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