LUXURIOUS FACIAL PEELS (90minute treatments)

FacialEB Cosmedicals Azaderm Clarifying Treatment Peel 90 Minutes $227

Purpose: Addresses acne and hyperpigmentation without depleting skin of hydration. This fortifying treatment offers anti-aging benefits unlike most acne treatments since acne or hyperpigmentation programs often dry and dehydrate skin, making it very sensitive to UV damage and premature aging.

Indications: Acne, oily, congested and combination skin.

Contraindications: Very sensitive skin.

facialEB Cosmedicals Restorative Treatment Peel 90 Minutes. $227

Purpose: Suitable for those with dry, flaky, dehydrated, mature or sluggish skin in need of re-texturizing and even-looking skin tone. Great for clients concerned with the early signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

Indications: Mature, Hyper-pigmented, Oily, Devitalized, Sensitive.

Contraindications: Very sensitive skin.

Trauma recovery facialEB Cosmedicals Trauma Recovery Treatment Peel 90 minutes. $227

Purpose: Skin traumatized by peels, exfoliants, UV exposure, environmental damage or stress.

Indications: Rapid healing of the epidermis and dermis that modulates inflammation and strengthens connective tissue while increasing cell protection. Another function of this treatment is to prevent hyperpigmentation of damaged tissue.

Contraindications: For all skin types requiring rapid recovery.

Moisture replenishing facialEB Cosmedicals Moisture Replenishing Treatment Peel 90 Minutes. $227

Purpose: Skin that has been exposed to extreme dry weather or that has very low oil production. This therapy will deliver highly penetrating actives that quench the epidermis and dermis with vital lipids

Indications: For all skin types that are deeply dehydrated and dry..

Contraindications: Open Acne Lesions.

peelEB Cosmedicals Hexapeptide Matrix Vitamin A Treatment Peel 45 minutes (can be a stand alone or add on treatment). $257

Purpose: Prescribed for any and all skin types and conditions, except extremely sensitive. Firm, tighten, smooth, brighten, plump and protect all in one multi-layering treatment. Results are instant!

Indications: All Skin Types

Contraindications: Sensitive skin.

Lip & Eye perfectorEB Cosmedicals Lip & Eye Perfector 45 minutes (can be a stand alone or add on treatment). $97

Purpose: Minimize visible signs of aging in and around the eyes and lips. This revitalizing treatment smooths, brightens, plumps, firms and lifts, softening fine lines and creases which occur over time.

Indications: All Skin Types

Contraindications: Very sensitive skin.


EB Cosmedicals TCA Matrix Peel 45 Minutes (including intake questionnaire, medical review and photos 90 minutes) $357

Purpose: TCA Peel is a relatively light epidermal peeling that is not for a first time client. It is for a client who has some experience with and has been exposed to lighter peels such as Glycolic, Salicylic and/or Lactic Acid peels. For some clients the skin will slightly frost and in other clients they will just get pink and you will notice some slight erythema. There are always risks when performing peels, so it is best to begin less aggressively on the first treatment keeping the potential risks, including but not limited to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, breakouts, scarring and temporary redness and photo-sensitivity.

Indications: This peel is ideal for men and women who are concerned with the signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, acne scars and texture problems.

Prior to treatment: Starting two weeks before the peel, each night before client goes to bed, apply a mild AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) Glycolic or Lactic Exfoliator in strengths of either 5% or 10% to the entire face and to any other areas that will be treated. This conditions the skin and begins the exfoliation process. It enhances the TCA peel treatment, resulting in a more even-looking peel.

Do not use peel again for at least 2-3 weeks after first application – allow the skin to regenerate.

Contraindications: Keloid or hypertrophic scars (thick scars) (not recommended), active / inactive herpes simplex (cold sores), history of sun allergies, history of bad reaction to a peel or dermabrasion, facial warts, recent radiation treatment for cancer, pregnant or breast-feeding, use of Accutane within the past (6 months). Accutane should not be taken for at least six months after the peel either. There are reports of scarring in people who have taken Accutane after a peel, sunburn or significant sun exposure in the last two days, surgery or cryosurgery within the last six weeks to the area that is treated.


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