The Secret Sauce To Getting Instant Results For Red Carpet Events!

Over the years, I’ve sold a ton of different products and performed endless facial treatments. Something I’ve learned is that there’s no “one size fits all” strategy for great looking skin. No two products or skins are exactly alike, and your personal product prescription will also depend on your personal goals for your ultimate skin.

While in-clinic facial treatments offer immediate visual refinements — clients are also able to obtain similar results by adopting an effective facial program for use at home.

This post will offer the “secret sauce” that will help you determine what’s best for you!

DETERMINE THE PRODUCT SELECTION to create an Instant Results Pre-Event Facial.

Firstly we need to choose products from an intensive, medical grade skincare collection that delivers multi-layer fortification to the skin like EB Cosmedicals. Many of the peptides and active materials found in this collection are newly released, innovative materials, all of which have been carefully chosen as they offer an immediate visual improvement. The EB Cosmedicals product collection is developed in collaboration with a leading cosmetic surgeon and clinically tested to ensure results such as:

  • significant wrinkle depth reduction
  • improvement in elasticity
  • enhanced collagen production
  • superior pigment and sebum balancing properties and
  • smoothing and desensitizing of irritated skin.

Recent innovation and research in the field of cosmetic science make possible a variety of ingredients that are far more effective than ever before.

WHEN AND WHEN NOT  TO have a Professional In-Salon Instant Results Pre-Event Facial.

Introducing our Professional In Salon Pre-Event Facial-EB Cosmedicals Hexapeptide Matrix Facial Treatment Peel. This facial is prescribed for any and all skin types and conditions, except extremely sensitive.

Firm, tighten, smooth, brighten, plump and protect all in one multi-layering treatment. Results are instant!

Professional in-salon treatments are potent, it is important to be truthful with your skin expert, I may need to avoid an area, so here is some advice:

Within 2 weeks prior to your professional in-salon treatment-­ STOP, DISCONTINUE OR DO NOT HAVE THE FOLLOWING TREATMENTS:

  • Waxing of any areas to be treated by your peel
  • Depilatory use in any treated area
  • Electrolysis of any treatment area
  • Laser/IPL treatments
  • Sun exposure to area to be treated
  • Chemical treatments of any kind including any hydroxyl acid treatments other than your EB Cosmedicals preparation program
  • Hair colour or chemical treatments application of any type

It is recommended that pregnant and lactating women avoid Vitamin A, which is in our Professional In-Salon Instant Results Pre-Event Facial-The EB Cosmedicals Hexapeptide Matrix Facial Treatment Peel. Sorry to all the mums-to-be, this one is not for you but I have an alternative using the EB Naturals range. Always let me know if you are pregnant.

DETERMINE THE MOST IMPORTANT products to have on hand at home – how can YOU perform an Instant Results Pre-Event Facial at home?

I am going to keep it simple and recommend 2 products that are suited to all skin types and explain why I have chosen them.

  1. Start with your usual cleansing routine.
  2. Now it’s time to smooth a thin layer of EB Cosmedicals Liquid Enzyme Peel over face, neck and décolleté, leave on for 10mins, and then remove with warm water and soft cloth. Liquid Enzyme Peel immediately lifts skin cells for a quick polish and regenerating effect. This is an intense and non-irritating exfoliant that is clinically proven to visibly smooth, soften and enlighten the skin. It offers superior skin smoothening and whitening, as well as pigmentation elimination. It works on aged skin cells, causing them to retreat, degrade, and peel off. It can stimulate the skin’s metabolism and reduce skin darkening caused by the sun, keeping it smooth, tender, and bright. It also helps stimulate the production of collagen and it is an anti-inflammatory and anti-glycan. It also increases hydration, pliability and flexibility of the skin.
  3. Tone the skin and apply a thin layer of EB Cosmedicals Rapid Rejuvenation Serum to face, neck and décolleté and leave on for a flash tightening effect. This serum reduces moisture loss via evaporation and smooth’s expression wrinkles revitalizing and moisturizing skin. It instantly and visibly smooth’s and tightens the skin and boosts elasticity. It incorporates an effective long lasting hydrating effect, targets expression wrinkles caused by muscular contraction, paralyzing the muscle in a similar fashion as Botulinum Toxin. Blocking muscular contraction allows skin surface to appear smoother and decreases line depth.
  4. Finish with your usual moisturizer, eye and neck crèmes and you are ready to prime for make up! Feel free to perform this quick, pre-event home facial prior to every weekend 🙂

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that there’s no surefire way to choose the “perfect” products or treatment. When it comes down to it, you can never know exactly what you should be using until you choose a product or treatment and run with it.

This is why it’s so important to continually monitor your skin and your personal Skin Expert’s feedback. Based on what we’re seeing, you can then adjust your products and treatments to optimize for optimal satisfaction and results. There is really no risk with our 30Day Guarantee 🙂

With some heavily touted facials in our city ringing in at over $1,000, this one is a fraction of the cost at $250.

Special…We have only 7x EB Cosmedicals Hexapeptide Matrix Facial Treatment Peels available at only $150! Save $100! Be quick! My advise? Grab one as a gift voucher to use whenever you wish before all 7 are gone.


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