heavy-lifters-in-skincareThe 2 ‘Heavy-Lifters’ In Skincare

Read on to discover the 2 anti-aging skincare products you should seriously consider using now.

Regardless of how much time or money you have, I think sunscreen and a retinol are the most important anti-agers to use.

These 2 offer: UV protection; smoother, firmer skin; a more even tone; fewer breakouts; and tighter pores!

Why You Should Be Using Retinol

Research clearly shows that retinol, which is the technical name for vitamin A, has numerous truly astounding benefits for skin. Retinol naturally, turns around how skin appears—which makes it one of the most exciting skincare ingredients in use today!

How Does Retinol Work?

Unfortunately as we age, the skin cells stop maturing and pile up. Retinol works on a molecular level to normalize cell turnover. Basically, it tells your cells to renew themselves regularly again and work to make the outermost skin layers thinner and flatter. Because they work to unclog blocked pores and prevent further build-up, retinol opens the way for other acne-fighting ingredients, helping eliminate the roots of breakouts.

With retinol, the skin is continually sloughing off damaged cells and healthy skin is always what you see on top. This enhances radiance. Retinol thins the top layer of skin, while thickening the smoother second layer, which makes the skin look luminous and firm.

But the benefits don’t stop at the surface. Retinol also boosts the production of collagen (one of the skin’s primary support structures) and prevents its breakdown as it works it’s way into deeper skin layers. Retinol also encourages the creation of glycosaminoglycans, substances found in the body; that help keep tissues hydrated. And, wait, there’s more: retinol helps treat age spots; clear dead skin cells, oil, and debris from pores, leaving them less distended; retinol even decreases oil production—a bonus for those prone to breakouts!

When Should I Start Using Retinol?

The earlier you start addressing signs of aging, the better off you’ll be. As you enter your 20s, early signs of sun-damage and aging show on the skin. The skin starts to lose elasticity and the free radical damage of pollution, aging, and sun damage trigger the degradation of skin that desperately needs repair. If skin is far-gone in later decades, undoing the damage becomes that much harder and more complicated. But you don’t want to start too early and that’s why I suggest beginning to add retinol to your regimen in your late 20s.

How To Use Retinol

The key is starting slow.

  • For the first two weeks, apply retinol every third night.
  • If your skin isn’t irritated, ramp up to every other night for two weeks.
  • Not dry or flaky? Go for it every night.
  • Eventually you will be able to use it day and night.

A few other guidelines:

  • Wait 15 minutes after washing or exfoliating your face before you apply a retinol, to lessen irritation.
  • Use one pea-size dab to cover your whole face. Less is more.
  • You can also do around the eyes, as well as on your neck, hands, and décolletage, being careful to avoid the corners of your eyes, nose, and mouth, as well as the upper eyelids. Those areas are more sensitive, and retinol tends to pool into the corners or creases, which can cause flaky or cracked skin. If those extra areas become irritated, red or flaky, simply avoid them.
  • After a few minutes, apply a moisturizer to prevent dryness.
  • For extra-sensitive skin, apply moisturizer before the retinol to reduce tenderness. Don’t worry—you won’t compromise results.
  • Always wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen. No exceptions! (Chemical sunscreens go under your day cream as they absorb UV into the skin to be eliminated. Natural sunblock’s (containing zinc/titanium dioxide) go over your day cream as they act as a surface reflectant to UV. If you aren’t diligent about sun protection, even the most effective, proven anti-aging ingredients won’t be able to deliver the results you’re looking for. Unprotected sun exposure and getting a tan is just bad for skin. Daily use of sunscreen can help prevent premature aging of the skin.
  • Don’t use a retinol if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Benzoyl peroxide and retinol are potent ingredients- so don’t layer them together. Use benzoyl in the day and retinol at night to avoid irritation.
  • Your skin can commonly become red, dry, flaky, and irritated when it’s not used to retinol or if you’ve applied too much of it. If irritation occurs, stop using and try a cortisone type cream for a few days. Once the irritation resolves, restart retinol but use very little, and start by using it every second or third evening and slowly build up. After two or three weeks, the skin cells adapt to the retinol and begin to tolerate it. It’s unlikely to flare up again.
  • Although retinol is sometimes incorporated into acne products, taking Roaccutane or similar prescription acne medications and using retinol at the same time can be a big mistake.
  • Before a wax. We recommend cutting off retinol use at least a week before any facial waxing. Do not apply retinol to the upper eyelids (brow area) as this may cause skin to be thinner and may result in a graze during your brow wax.

The bottom line:

While you should be careful when using it, retinol is truly an anti-aging powerhouse.

It can smooth and even out your skin in 6 to 12 weeks.

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