Sonia Ford, Consulting Therapist

Online Acne Skin Analysis

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If you have tried everything in your area or suggested on the internet to get clear and are frustrated with the lack of results, I am here to help. Exclusive Beauty Studio has helped thousands of clients all over the country to get clear with the same 90% success rate as those clients I see in my office, although the process takes a bit longer (4 months versus 3 months).

Here’s how my Online Acne Program works:

  1. After scheduling your Online Acne Skin Analysis (conducted via phone or Skype), you will complete a Health Questionnaire and upload photos of your skin in an email.
  2. We meet via phone or Skype to discuss the following:
    • Determine your acne type(s) (inflamed, non-flamed or combination) and skin tolerance.
    • Evaluate the hormones, digestive system and stress levels for imbalances that may be triggering acne.
    • Recommend herbs and supplements to help rebalance the body from the inside out.
    • Recommend the home care products that you will need to get clear.
    • Educate you on the lifestyle habits and choices that aggravate acne- food, birth control pills (yes, they do not always help acne), medications, prescriptions and stress. Please be prepared to make some lifestyle changes. If you do, you will see results.
    • Recommend Food Sensitivity Testing if needed.
  3. Receive your customized Clear Skin Treatment Plan.
  4. Upon acceptance of the Online Acne Program, your first order of skincare will be shipped to you.
  5. After receiving your order, just follow our 3-4 step process each morning and night and make the suggested simple diet and lifestyle changes. Take the recommended supplements and herbs.
  6. Every 2-weeks, check-in with me, your Clear Skin Coach
  7. At your bi-weekly check-in, your progress and responsiveness to the program is checked and customized adjustments are made to your home care regimen. In order to get you clear, we must challenge your skin with a slightly different regimen every couple of weeks- this is what makes our program different.
  8. You implement the recommended changes and we REPEAT this, 8 times (over a 4month period) until your skin is beautifully, wonderfully, clear!

For the initial order, expect to pay around $200 for a complete topical home care program plus the cost of optional, additional herbs or supplements you can purchase from your health food shop. I will also change and/or add in products as we go. After being on the program for two weeks, I will add a product or two to your regimen every two weeks for the duration of the program.

Individual skincare products range from $20-77 (on average)

Larger size products are available for your maintenance regime after the initial 3-4 month program.