ExpDehydratedress Facial 30 mins $77

All skin types.

Basic, fast, customized and results driven only. No luxury with these girls. Results without the fluff. This abbreviated session concentrates on the treatment mode your skin needs most. Great for those short on time or who need a boost between full-length facial treatments. Good for teens starting a salon regimen.

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Spa Facials

45 mins $97

60 mins $117

75 mins $137

90 mins $157

All skin types.

Luxurious facials, customized for any skin condition or type. Designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and re-hydrate the skin while providing stress relief and relaxation. A therapeutic as well as relaxing treatment that is tailored to suit your particular skin type and condition.

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EB Cosmedicals™ Ultrasonic Detox Facial Treatment Peel 90 mins $297

The Ultrasonic Facial is for all skin types.

Detoxifies and purifies, healing problem skin. Accelerates metabolism, circulates the blood and lymph, reduces the appearance of pore size, helps remove dead skin blocking pores, moisturizes and softens skin, lightens the visage. Also dissolves hypodermic fat by accelerating the absorption, causes the decomposition of the agglomerated excessive water and fat. Improves under eye dark circles and bags.

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Trauma recovery facialEB Cosmedicals Azaderm Clarifying Treatment Peel 90 Minutes $227

Purpose: Addresses acne and hyperpigmentation without depleting skin of hydration. This fortifying treatment offers anti-aging benefits unlike most acne treatments since acne or hyperpigmentation programs often dry and dehydrate skin, making it very sensitive to UV damage and premature aging.

Indications: Acne, oily, congested and combination skin.

Contraindications: Very sensitive skin.

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EB Cosmedicals Restorative Treatment Peel 90 Minutes. $227

Purpose: Suitable for those with dry, flaky, dehydrated, mature or sluggish skin in need of re-texturizing and even-looking skin tone. Great for clients concerned with the early signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

Indications: Mature, Hyper-pigmented, Oily, Devitalized, Sensitive.

Contraindications: Very sensitive skin.

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FREE-60min-Spa-Facial-at-Exclusive-Beauty-Studio-Dianella-PerthEB Cosmedicals Trauma Recovery Treatment Peel 90 minutes. $227

Purpose: Skin traumatized by peels, exfoliants, UV exposure, environmental damage or stress.

Indications: Rapid healing of the epidermis and dermis that modulates inflammation and strengthens connective tissue while increasing cell protection. Another function of this treatment is to prevent hyperpigmentation of damaged tissue.

Contraindications: For all skin types requiring rapid recovery.

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TCA Matrix peelEB Cosmedicals Moisture Replenishing Treatment Peel 90 Minutes. $227

Purpose: Skin that has been exposed to extreme dry weather or that has very low oil production. This therapy will deliver highly penetrating actives that quench the epidermis and dermis with vital lipids

Indications: For all skin types that are deeply dehydrated and dry..

Contraindications: Open Acne Lesions.

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Trauma recovery facialEB Cosmedicals Hexapeptide Matrix Vitamin A Treatment Peel 45 minutes (can be a stand alone or add on treatment). $257

Purpose: Prescribed for any and all skin types and conditions, except extremely sensitive. Firm, tighten, smooth, brighten, plump and protect all in one multi-layering treatment. Results are instant!

Indications: All Skin Types

Contraindications: Sensitive skin.

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Eyelash Tint $37

Lash tints work best on people with lighter-colored lashes (especially blondes!). Many people have lashes that fade at the ends, so when they are tinted, they can seem a lot longer. The treatment is also helpful for on-the-go gals. You can run out the door with no mascara, hit the gym or the beach, and not worry about your mascara running.

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Eyebrow Tint $27

A brow tint works for everyone! With defined, well-groomed brows, it gives you a thicker style and a more youthful appearance. Plus, the brow dye can be customized to any color you want.

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Manicure-PedicureSpa Pedicure or Manicure 60 mins $117

Relieve your sore tired hands or feet with an aromatic warm purifying soak, callous smoothing, a softening scrub/peel, followed by a deep skin conditioning hand or foot massage. Naturally this treatment includes cuticle care, nail file and buff, and polish or Shellac application. French polish or French Shellac extra $15

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Acrylic-Nails-90-mins-$110Acrylic Nails 90 mins

French Dip $100

Shellac Acrylic $100

Permanent French (pink & white acrylic) or Painted with Shellac. Whether a  new set or a rebalance, this service includes any nail fixes, tips, sculpts, and a permanent gloss finish that is instantly dry.

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Shellac Hands or Feet 45 mins $57

The hot new nail treatment everyone is buzzing about! Applied like polish but stays on like gel. Zero drying time! and mirror finish! Your polish is set for the full 2 weeks without the risk of dulling, smudging or chipping.

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GIRL MASSAGERelaxation Massage

30 mins Back, neck, shoulder, face, scalp, hand & arm $77

45 mins Full body $97
60 mins Full body $117

75 mins Full body $137

90 mins Full body $157
After consultation, get horizontal and zone out to soothing tunes and candle light with this top to toe massage, individually personalized just the way you like it. Enjoy the heavenly feeling of our signature hot towel treatment throughout the massage.

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Reflexology-60-mins-$110Reflexology 60 mins $117

Aahh true sole therapy! Physically Reflexology works through a reflex action of stimulus and response- on areas of the feet that reflect parts of the body. By using touch techniques to stimulate blood flow and energy to to the body, blockages are released. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually, reflexology works by focusing our attention on underlying patterns of disease, discomfort, disorder or distress. It is possible to bring about permanent changes for the client. Reflexology helps the client make lifestyle changes for themselves and heal from within. Reflexology promotes an overall harmony, well being and brings the body back to it’s own balance.

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thm_cromalinspacorrec(1)Eyebrow Styling 1st timers $57

Eyebrow Styling Repeat $47

Eyebrow Styling student $37

Mono brow $17

Includes the necessary treatments to obtain your best possible brow. Face shape and brow analysis, cleansing, exfoliating,trimming, waxing, tweezing, tinting/ bleaching if necessary.

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  • Lip $17
  • Chin $27
  • Ears $17
  • Nostrils $17
  • Side Of Face $27
  • Underarm $27
  • Tummy/Snail Trail $27
  • Buttocks $37
  • Thigh patches $27
  • 1/2 Leg $47
  • 3/4 Leg $57
  • Top Leg $57
  • Full Leg $67
  • 1/2 Arm $37
  • Full Arm $57
  • Standard Bikini $37 (sides of briefs only)
  • G String Bikini $57 (sides & top further in of G String bikini)
  • All Off Brazilian $87 (everything off, includes labia and bottom)
  • Strip left Brazilian $97 (only a strip left, includes labia & bottom)


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