Neck Rejuvenation On A Small Budget CAN BE Done!

It can be frustrating to read articles advertising the expensive cosmetic procedures, like a neck lift costing $5-8000.
If you’re a woman with a limited budget, that might be your entire body beauty budget for the year, right? The beautiful part is that you DON’T have to have a big budget to get results with neck rejuvenation.
This article will offer up five proven strategies you can use today to achieve a youthful neck with a very small investment!


“Ever Wondered Why You’re Still Getting Teenage Breakouts, Enlarged Pores Or Dull, Flaky And Blotchy Skin?”

Apart from diet, stress and hormone changes the above problems are mainly due to wrong skin care products being used on your skin. Our skin needs change in hot or cold weather and you need to be aware that using the wrong skincare products could be accelerating your ageing process and no one wants to look older than they really are.


” Freaky Fact. This ‘Fashion Accessory…Will Age Your Face!”

Tanning…Do You Love To Tan? Beware…tanning not only encourages wrinkles but it may endanger your life! Here in Perth, Western Australia, we have the harshest UV rays of anywhere in the world and it’s no wonder, you’ve heard many times, a loved one or friend telling you to put on some sunscreen!

As it turns out, using sunscreen is important, in fact we think it is the most important cream you will ever apply. Not only will it help prevent wrinkles but it may save your life! Apply every day, not only when you are outside, but even if you work in front of a computer all day, and all-year round. Whether or not you know it, UV rays are bouncing around indoors and out! The sun is constantly giving off harmful UV rays. Yes, even in the wintertime, on cloudy days, cool days, at the beach, on the slopes or in the car! You are being exposed.


” Embarrassingly Red-Is Rosacea Messing Up Your Face? ”

Three times as many women as men have to deal with Rosacea, and it usually occurs between the ages of 25-55 years. Now add to that… a family history of Rosacea and acne, a fair-skin complexion and a heritage of northern European descent (English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, German or Scandinavian) and you are likely to experience the embarrassingly red skin condition called ROSACEA.


“The Best Eye Care Products Revealed…Perth Has Voted!”

Do You Suffer From Any Of The Following; Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, Bags, Lines & Wrinkles?

The skin around the eyes is very delicate, thin, and susceptible to damage. It’s also among the first places we see changes in our appearance. Eye creams specifically combat the environmental conditions that cause our various eye-aging problems. Eye creams also assist your wrinkles; they tone the skin helping to reduce their formation.


” Why You Should Always Use A Facial Cleanser-But Only Once A Day”

No It Is Not OK To Use Your Body Wash On Your Face. A Good Quality Gentle Facial Cleanser Is ESSENTIAL In Promoting And Maintaining A Healthy Complexion. So Here Are A Few Tips.

Do Not Cleanse In The Morning!

Cleansing once per day is sufficient, except after exercise/sweating (sweat can be drying)  In the morning, simply go straight for your serums and sunscreen.


“Accutane And Skin Care- Please Help!”

Now That You Have Made The Serious Decision To Embark On The Accutane Adventure…Lets Help You With Caring For Your Changing Skin.

What is Accutane???

Accutane is a prescribed form of vitamin A. It reduces the amount of oil released by oil glands in your skin, and helps your skin renew itself more quickly. Accutane is used to treat severe nodular acne. It is usually given after other acne medicines or antibiotics have been tried without successful treatment of symptoms. This drug is the most contraindicative to skin care due to it’s alteration of the skin’s pH.


” Why Exfoliating MUST Never Be Ignored!”

If You Ever Wished You Had The Flawless Skin Of Your Favorite Celebrities Then You Must Never Forget To Exfoliate.

Lots of ladies out there just don’t understand the importance of regular exfoliating. It’s a MUST for keeping your face (and body) replenished, especially during the winter months. It resolves many skin problems like blemishes, clogged pores, pigmentation/spots, dry skin, rough skin, and lines and wrinkles, plus serums and moisturizers CAN’T penetrate through layers of dead skin when applied on non-exfoliated skin, they’ll only lead to dry looking patches and flaking makeup.